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We do have a three tier mission here we work to rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured Sea turtles for release back out into the wild. We educate the public and we work towards conservation efforts for naughtyy Marine turtle species. So today we are going to be talking about.

We get people all across the nation. So if you guys are interested or you know someone who might be interested in connecting with us for a virtual program, All of sluth information is located on our website. She is our rehab assistant Fort smith phone chat his mom.

Going in for siuth to have those sunglasses removed, luckily, all is well, no more sunglasses inside Fred so now we have tanks that are quite a bit islaand, so we don't really have issues like that so much anymore everyone once again something will end up in a tank that shouldn't be there, but not as often as in the past good question.

So that's always really exciting. So you get an idea as to what a loggerhead looks like here on the screen.

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Maybe you guys will get lucky and see one too. I'm gonna back up so you can see his full body now remember loggerhe can get to be around pounds. They don't have that beautiful pattern on them or anything like that. So no none of our females will ever be bred.

South padre island naughty online chat date

Early birthday if it is early. That is another way to identify the male.

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Fred Shell is clean. I'm turn the camera around one more time. So let's see what everyone is saying squid crustaceans jellyfish couples squid shellfish invertebrates. I see a bunch of you are getting sojth already if you guys are watching, go ahead and type in the comment bar where you are tuning in from we always love to see where you guys are watching us from.

The gladys porter zoo works on various worthy conservation projects.

Hi Tom from Rockwall. You guys right over there, you guys can spot that really well.

Christina is guessing Fred Ways' a hundred and 20 pounds, Belinda says let's see Sherry says - five Kelly - You manila chat room are all guessing right around the same size. Pretty awesome turtles and we actually have a loggerhead Sea turtle Fred, who is one of our residents and I'm going to take you guys outside towards our turtle tanks right now and hopefully I can get some good. So right now. Right now and other times he likes to stay at the back of his tank.

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Tom is one of our long-time supporters. It's your birthday. We're happy that you guys are still hanging in here with us learning about Sea turtles.

These turtles can bite down as hard as an American alligator. They're kinda right there in the Middle as you guys can see from this photo so they get to be around pounds. I think they are expecially beautiful. So let me spin the camera around Laurens asking how do you tell if he is a boy? They need that because their favorite source of food is chatting naked shellfish so clams mussels Sea urchins those sorts of things So those powerful jaws help them break through those really thick shells to get to the meat on the end.

Your picture will get mine. I'm above on our catwalk that's above his tank now, so you guys can get a good view of what Fred looks like good guesses guys. Fred does have issues with his eyesight, so he struggles to see he also has problems hunting so that is why he lives with us full time. We have lots of things going on our website too.

South padre island naughty online chat date

The reason she has a prosthesis is because she is missing three out of her four flippers with Fred only pzdre one he does struggle to swim at times, but he gets along fairly well with his other three. But as soon as we know we'll post that on our website, as well as on our Facebook.

South padre island naughty online chat date

So as soon as we have that date, we will let you guys know so I see some guesses coming as to what loggerhead Sea turtles like to eat. I'm here to meet somebody serious.

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Fred is one of our resident turtles and he is very healthy. Thank you beautiful.

If you guys do have questions feel free to type them into the chat box and I will answer them or into the comment bar. I see Patty hopping on again Miss Gorman from California. Gatineau bdsm chat there swimming so they do migrate to this area. Thank you guys so much to for your support during this time.

Now I want you guys to go ahead and guess how much do you think Fred Ways'.

Total of three and because of that he was deemed non-releasable. And she's great. Alright, let me see if I missed any questions so Christina is asking.


Again, I don't know the answer to that. A lot of people ask why and to be honest, Sorry, I'm trying to get failand adult chat good view for y'all. We educate the public and we work towards conservation efforts for all Marine turtle species. He did get released datr out into the wild, but he ended up washing up on the Beach two more times after that.

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Aouth see a lot of you have donated to our cause. I see another question coming in if we are open. Would you guys do any virtual education programs for daycares? Let's face it, none of us are Barbie and I don't expect you to be either. Fred is a boy wanna see what you guys.

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