PS4 VR Game’s New Update Makes VR Optional

PS4 VR Game’s New Update Makes VR Optional

PS4 Pro support also added in today’s new update.

VR horror game Here They Lie no longer requires PlayStation VR to play, developer Tangentlemen has announced.

With the release of a free update today, those who already own the PS4 game can choose to play on a standard display or with a PSVR headset, according to a PlayStation Blog post. Those who buy it going forward will also receive the standard and VR-enabled versions of the game.

This update includes new enhancements for those with a PS4 Pro. These are beneficial whether or not you’re playing with PSVR. On a standard TV, Here They Lie now has 4K and HDR support, while PSVR gameplay features “an all-around higher quality render mode.” This is said to consist of “[b]etter shadows, post-processing effects, dynamic flashlight shadows, and ambient occlusion.”

Other changes come in response to fan feedback and include new controller configuration options, a Chapter Select option, subtitles when playing without VR, and improved anti-aliasing and lighting. VR head-tracking and texture streaming are also said to have been enhanced, while new VR tutorials have been introduced.