MLB: Records That Could Be Set or Broken In 2017

MLB: Records That Could Be Set or Broken In 2017

Every year, Major League Baseball history becomes richer. Franchises become older and records get broken. Whether it is a storied franchise that has had a player spend most of his time there, or a franchise that hasn’t been around long that has its numbers bumped by a superstar. There seems to be a record broken every year either at the league or franchise level, which makes the game exciting.

 MLB: Records That Could Be Set or Broken In 2017


With baseball’s rich history, being the one to set a record is always impressive. If a player is a franchise leader in a big time category, usually they are considered great. While not all teams have the history that the Yankees, Red Sox, or Cardinals do, they still have had great players come through their organization. The Arizona Diamondbacks have only been around since 1998, but already have their cap on a Hall of Fame plaque (Randy Johnson), and have a chance to be on another (Curt Schilling). Record breakers come from all franchises and some set the bar high.

As for league records, those are harder to break. They require skill, but more importantly longevity. Almost all record holders in Major League Baseball have had long and productive careers. There are players who have those credentials in today’s game and they have the chance to break some records in the near future.

With a historic season in 2016, 2017 is shaping up to be historic too. Players are closer to breaking some records that have stood for a long time. There are also records that haven’t stood for very long that will be broken by some of today’s superstars. Either way, it is history being made and that is what makes baseball both exciting and beautiful. Here are the records that could fall this season and the players that could make history by becoming the best in those respective categories.


Giancarlo Stanton: Most RBIs in Miami Marlins History


Giancarlo Stanton has made a name for himself in Miami. He is a three-time All Star and has already become the Marlins’ all time home run leader with just seven seasons under his belt. He is signed through 2027, with an option for 2028, after signing a 13-year, $325 million contract to stay in Miami. If he stays healthy, there is a good chance Stanton will stand in the Marlins record books for years to come.

This year, Stanton is looking to pass a Marlins legend in a major offensive category. With just 39 more runs batted in, Stanton will pass former Marlins third baseman Mike Lowell as the Miami Marlins RBI king. The record is 578 and at the pace Stanton has been going, he should pass that mark early in 2017.

The Marlins have had some good hitters in their short history. Lowell, Jeff Conine, Hanley Ramirez and Miguel Cabrera have all donned a Marlins uniform at one point in time. Stanton has surpassed all of them in most categories, which shows how accomplished he is. At only 27 years of age, he will be a force in the Miami lineup for years to come. With the numbers he has already put up, he will surely make the Marlins record book incredibly hard to rewrite.



David Wright: Most Home Runs in New York Mets History


Since 2004, David Wright has been the face of the New York Mets. He has made seven All Star appearances and has been given the title of the team’s captain. It is only fitting that Wright is the Mets’ record holder in runs batted in, hits, and runs scored. Wright has played 13 seasons in a Mets uniform, which is a sign of dedication to the only franchise he knows.

There is one category that he is not yet the leader of and that is home runs. Wright is just 11 home runs away from breaking Darryl Strawberry’s club record of 252. With a resume like David Wright’s, many would think it is almost a guarantee that he will break the record this season. This is a case where it may not happen.

Wright has only played a total of 75 games the past two seasons with a total of 12 home runs. He has not played since last June after undergoing neck surgery, but is expected to start the season healthy. If all goes well, he will stay healthy for the entire season. The big question mark is will he be able to return to form? The last time he played close to a full season, he only hit eight home runs in 134 games during the 2014 season. Last season he batted .226 with 55 strikeouts in just 137 at bats. Hopefully Wright can stay healthy and return to form and claim one more New York Mets statistical crown.