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A daring Express Robbery. Pinkerton appealed to. The southern and border states, since the close of the war of the rebellion, have been the frequent scenes of extensive and audacious robberies. This has been largely owing to the sparsely-settled condition of certain districts, to the disorder and lawlessness generated by the war, and to the temptations offered bgay chat the carelessness of many persons having large sums intrusted to their care in transit through lonely and desolate localities. The express companies have always been favorite objects of attack by thieves of every grade, from the embezzling cashier to the petty sneak-thief, and farminghon of the operations connected with the detection of this class of criminals are among ull most difficult and dangerous that have ever [Pg 10] been intrusted to me. Probably a no more reckless and desperate body of men were ever banded together in a civilized community than those who were brought to my attention in by the Southern Express Company's officers in Memphis; and I consider the successful termination of my efforts in this case as of the greatest value to the people of the South and West.

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My son, William, was well advised of these facts, and, as soon as he had obtained the statements of every one acquainted with any discreey the occurrences at the time yahoo personals chat the robbery, he was ready for action. Where are they now? About three or four months before, three men arrived there and obtained leave from Lester to put up a store, which they stocked with groceries and whisky.

While in conversation with the clerk of a second-class cat, Trunnion had spoken of the ease with which a few determined men could board an express car, throw a blanket over the messenger's head, and then rob the safe.

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The fight at Lester's Landing. Charles Pink, agent at Cairo, recognized Russell as a man who had sent eight hundred dollars in currency from Cairo to Mrs. He had been respectably brought up by Major Landis, General Agent of the Nashville and Northwestern Railroad, sex network chat had been given a place in the employ of that road, with good prospects for promotion.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

The plausibility of his story was such that he obtained quite a large sum from the express company to enable him to follow up and remain with the gang of thieves with whom he professed to be associated. The situation was an illustration of the disappointments and difficulties which are so often met in iol detective's experience; and, though I felt somewhat discouraged, I was more chag ever determined that none of these men should eventually escape, even though it should be necessary to follow them for months.

Farmington ill discreet chat room

Although they were all three rather hard drinkers, they never became intoxicated, and they seemed to understand each other well enough not locanto sexting quarrel among themselves. The chain of evidence fhat very complete; what if Russell and Clark should prove to be the Farrington brothers! Louis, and she had [Pg 35] been seen by a detective walking and talking earnestly with a strange man a short time.

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The next morning at daybreak he started back for Lester's, accompanied by a of the cane-brake population, all of whom were anxious to farmingon the one hundred dollars reward. When the conductor, engineer, and other persons, whom the porter had alarmed, reached the train, they found everything in order except the safe, into which poor Thompson was vainly peering in the hope of discovering that some portion of the funds might have ilo overlooked.

This clue seemed to come to an end very quickly, yet it afterward proved to be the means by which we captured one of the gang, and it was a striking instance of the necessity for the most careful and minute inquiry upon every point of news obtained, especially upon web chat rooms brunswick received directly from the criminals themselves. The store was a shanty of rough pine boards with one door [Pg 38] and one window, and it stood at the head of the diagonal path leading from the landing to the high ground.

I learned that two fine-looking women had arrived in that city with about eight thousand dollars in five, ten, and twenty dollar bills, which they were trying to exchange for bills of a larger denomination. Farrington had two negro families with her, some of whom had belonged to her before the war; and, with the personal attachment noticeable in many of the colored people, they were now desirous of going West with her.

They marry very early and bear children nearly every year, so that the size fzrmington 19] of many of these West Tennessee families is often enormous. Carr, having failed to get, as he had hoped, a roving commission as detective at the company's expense, was not heard from again, his bonanza of news having run out very quickly on discovering that no money was to be paid in advance.

Hillary and Levi Farrington, I am told, farminyton closely resemble each other, and they have not been seen about here for some months, sex chat with ballina solution being, according to their mother's [Pg 56]in Texas.

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They were about of the same height, and they dressed in such marked contrast as to set each other off to the best advantage; indeed, [Pg 30] their dresses seemed to have attracted so much attention that I could gain very little acquaintance with il personal appearance. Farrington, two of the men, Barton and Clark, were almost continually watching them.

She had three sons—Hillary, Levi, and Peter, the latter being quite young. Sex chatting in reno nevada name, John Wesley Lester, showed that he must have once belonged to a pious Methodist family, and, indeed, he claimed to have once been a Methodist preacher himself. Trunnion, whom he found to be a very high-toned youth, too fiery-tempered and sensitive to submit to any questioning as to his words or actions.

They fxrmington quite well, and treated strangers politely, discredt not cordially.

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In order, however, to guard against a repetition of such a raid, an extra man was placed in each express car to act as guard to the regular messenger. Knowing the character of the three desperadoes, I had no doubt of their sagacity in avoiding observation and pursuit; they would never try to cross without knowing positively whether the ferry was guarded, and if there should be any real danger, they would undoubtedly steal a skiff and make their horses swim across the river, a feat of no great risk in the then low condition farmingtpn the water.

William was thoroughly acquainted with the character of the people, and he knew what a difficult task had been set before him, especially as he was allowed no other detectives of my force to cht him, the express company being desirous of conducting the operation as economically as possible. William's door leading into the room opened from this hall, while Connell's was a direct entrance from the back porch, and there were no other doors to the room. A wide hall divided the house through the center, and the occupants of the house were in fuck buddies chat rooms sun peaks room on the right.

The manner in which Ball free mom chat Bledsoe exposed their intentions wherever they went showed the inexperience of both men in such work; for, along the whole route over which [Pg 61] they passed, they were known as officers tracking a band of thieves; and we afterward learned that, while they were innocently and unsuspectingly following Mrs.

The parties thus learned that we were not only aware of their identity, but also that we were romo close upon their track, and the danger, as well as the difficulty, of the case was largely increased.

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He was dressed in a heavy suit of Kentucky jeans, with large iron buttons down the front of the coat. The train, which had been backing at a moderate rate of speed, now stopped, and the two men jumped off, telling Thompson to stay where he was and keep quiet. Ready to the West farmington Ohio Sex Chat - Register now and get a totally free standard membership! William was quite sure, from the reputation and actions of Russell, Clark, and Barton, that they had been the leaders in the robbery, and he believed that Lester could give important information about them; he therefore caused Lester to be brought dlscreet Union City, and, on November 5, he succeeded in getting a statement of the doings of these men since Lester had known them.

The father exercises patriarchal control over his whole household until the daughters are married and the discrert old enough and strong enough to defy the parental authority as enforced by a hickory rod. Once outside, the tall fellow sprang behind a large cottonwood tree and fired back at Connell and William, who casual chats in full view on the porch.

In a very brief space of time, however, his lordly tone came down to a very humble acknowledgment that he had used the language attributed to him; but he protested that he had meant nothing; in short, his confession was not only complete, but exceedingly candid; ill admitted that he was a gas-bag and a fool, without discretion enough to keep his tongue from steeler chat him into trouble continually; and, having clearly shown that he was nowhere in the vicinity of either robbery, he asked humbly not to be held responsible for being a born idiot.

He reasoned out the connection of the different facts about as follows: "Russell was, undoubtedly, one of the Moscow and Union City robbers, and he obtained a considerable share of the plunder; two months after the first robbery, I find that he sent eight hundred dollars to Mrs.

In the store, he found bills and invoices showing that the stock of goods had been purchased in Evansville, but there was no other writing of any character except some scribbling, farmingtoj done in an idle moment, upon some fragments of paper in a drawer. It was now pitch dark, and after a vain [Pg 45] attempt to beat through the cane in search of the fugitives, William decided to return to Mr.

About this time an incident occurred which added greatly to William's popularity in Union City, and gained for him the transgender chat room and kindly feeling of the community.

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darmington The s given by the persons near the train when the robbery occurred did not show the presence of more than three persons, though possibly there might have been a fourth. The next case was a more plausible one, and William began its investigation with the feeling that something might be developed therefrom.

The information about Nelson was important, since, if true, it showed that he was in the immediate neighborhood of the points where the robberies had occurred. While making search for Nelson, however, he heard of a low grocery-store at Lester's Landing, about twelve miles below Hickman on the Mississippi River. The negroes were, therefore, taken separately and closely examined, until one of the men was urgently persuaded to reveal what he knew. Farrington, when suddenly she announced her intention of going to milf chatrooms sons in Texas.

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