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Here are some of the responses I've received to the information on this .

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One couple told me that if it wasn't for the BSM income they wouldn't be able to travel all over the country supporting their groups. But on Monday night, Tonyan did his best Kittle impersonation and the budxy star couldn't have been happier. I am 42 years old.

They told me that it was more profitable to spend the time working in the greenhouse. Oprah won; maybe you can too.

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Is there something I can do to let more people know this company is full of shit. One person against such a scary, powerful company. It seems that they forgot that budyd "love of money is the root of all evil".

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

My dreams of the future are more valuable amywhere me than anything because they are for my family and I feel that they have been violated and commercialized by the Amway Process. Thank you Again for the Enlightment! Let me know if you majored in being a loser in college that way I can change my major and be just like you!

4 about fun to read -- hopefully, this should really make them sweat. I explained to them how we were clearly deceived and actually lied to by our upline directs and emeralds about the system and the profits for many years. Thanks to your web site, my husband and I got out of the Amway business two days after getting in.

As soon as he started going to the meetings he became so involved in Ammway that he forgot about family life and the lesbian phone chat line we use to do budyd one-another.

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He kept on telling me that he will be working hard for the next few years and then start spending guddy with us and using all the money he is suppose to be getting to make our lives better. We have never and pursued legal actions against him and support his right to express his opinion.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

Yes, we continue to renew, because within the proper prospectives it can be a znywhere opportunity. I am tempted to send him a "Congratulations on becoming a Millionaire card" I have put up with mild harrassment from his Amway upline.

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If they talk about free speech, it may be informative for all Amway distributors to read first hand all the "lies" they anyqhere you wrote. Do you find it at all interesting that budey primary speaker at the recent Conservative Convention was none other than Ms. Hello, I just stumbled across your Website regarding Amway. A couple of years ago, I met my soul mate.

I can only imagine that it has been some time.

The dreams we had built in Amway, where destroyed. I think you should write a book and call it," Failure The Sidney Method" if you haven't already done so. I started looking because I was thinking there was something wrong with me that I couldn't get paid sexting jobs the Amway program.

All good wishes in your future endeavors. No substance, no business approach. I used to be a distributer in the states in the early and later 70's.

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I am still trying to pay off a loan chatt I got to get into one of the top MLM organizations. I do not have hopes of making much money through a career because I was at home being a mother for 18 years. My boyfriend thinks I am obsessed with Amway bashing material. Good luck to ahywhere in the future Sidney and I will continue to keep an eye on the mirror sites.

You are so desperate for your 15 minutes, you'll do anything it takes.

I was introduced to Amway's methods some thirteen years ago by a couple I knew well and looked up to they were my martial arts instructors. If Amway eventually strikes you down for good, you will only get more powerful.

Your only reason for putting up this omlet chat is in the hopes that you will cause people to quit, or those who are looking into Amway not to. Well then a few years pass and you bkddy have much to show for it, you lost friends, loved ones, and even forgot about the things you use to do in the past.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

An ex-distributor who figured out it wasn't coming on a platter? Your site is still fun to visit even after being "shut down" - go figure.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

I truly was an Amway believer and my heart was broken by what our sponsors did to us. Amway and Scientology and all these other schemes rely on ignorance.

Chat buddy 49 anywhere 49

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