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The IRC protocol is a text-based protocol, with the simplest client being any socket program capable of connecting to the server. That is, any combination of 'o' 3221 4.

Sample small IRC network ] 3. The server to which 312 client is connected is required to parse the complete message, returning any appropriate errors. All servers connected must respond to these queries and respond correctly.

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On a large network of users and servers, a single message can result in a lot of traffic being sent over the network in an effort to reach all of the cbat destinations. If a server connection is terminated prematurely e. This document describes the current IRC protocol. In an ideal world not even operators would need to do this and it would be left to servers to deal with.

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Clients which have automatic reconnect algorithms effectively make this command useless since the disconnection is only brief. User message 4. In an arena where nicknames are required to be globally unique at all times, KILL messages are sent whenever 'duplicates' are detected that is an attempt to register two users with the same nickname in the hope that both of them will disappear and only 1 reappear.

If client 1 sends a message, it goes back to client 2 and then via server B to client 3. Both of the servers which are on either side of the connection being closed are required to to send out a SQUIT message to all its other server connections for all other servers which are considered pilot mountain nc sex chat be behind that link.

A fatal error may be considered to be incorrect command, a destination which is otherwise chta to the server server, nick or channel names fit this categorynot enough parameters or incorrect privileges. There must be no gap whitespace between the colon and the prefix. A user MODE command may only be accepted if both the sender of the message and the nickname given as a parameter are both the same.

This means that a NICK must always be sent to a remote server when a new user is being introduced to the rest of the network before the accompanying USER is sent. If the channel already exists, whether or not your request to that channel is honoured depends on the current modes of the channel. There are two types of channels allowed by this protocol.

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The protocol is based on a a set of codes which are composed of eight 8 bits, making up an octet. If the source identified chat love free the prefix cannot be found from the server's internal database, or if the source is registered from a different link than from which the message arrived, the server must ignore the message silently.

Each server that processes this message must tell the sender about it by sending a reply indicating it is a pass-through link, forming a chain of replies similar to that gained from using "traceroute". Each server that receives a KICK message checks that it is valid ie the sender is actually a channel operator before removing the victim from the channel. In the case of messages which use parameter lists using the comma as an item separator, a reply must be sent for each item.

The implementation of this command is highly dependent on the server which replies, although the server must be able to supply information as described by the queries below or similar. If a "Quit Message" is given, this will be sent instead of the default message, the nickname. Messages to the channel go to the server and then nowhere else.

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The comment given must es the actual reason for 3321 KILL. For each parameter, however, only one query and set of replies is to be generated. Each message may be composed of any of these octets; however, some octet values are used for control codes which act as message delimiters. If the IRC network becomes dist because of a split between two servers, the channel on each side is only composed of those clients which are connected to servers on the respective sides of the split, possibly ceasing to exist on one side of the split.

Example rp chat org Any channel with 1 client caht it. If a NICK message arrives at a server which already knows about an identical nickname for another client, a nickname collision occurs. The OPER message is client-server only. If a server connection is terminated prematurely e.

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When rhode island sex chat partners new server is connected to net, information about it be broadcast to the we network. In all other respects, a numeric reply is just like a normal message, except that the keyword is made up of 3 numeric digits rather than a string of letters. The following examples all refer to Figure 2 above.

This is a critical issue when determining the equivalence of two nicknames. After sending this reply back, it must then send the TRACE message to the next server until given server is reached.

With a full server list, it would be possible to construct a map of the entire server tree, but hostmasks prevent this from being done. It is strongly recommended that all australia chat connections have a password in order to give some level of security to the actual connections.

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The only network configuration allowed for IRC servers is that of a spanning tree [see Fig. IRC Concepts. This is typically used by automatons clients with either an AI or other interactive program controlling their actions which are always seen to be replying lest they end up in a loop with another automaton. A fatal error may be considered to be incorrect command, a destination which is otherwise unknown to the server server, nick or channel names fit this horny girl chat allanchenot enough parameters or incorrect privileges.

See section 8. See section 8.

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