Top 20 Hot Pictures of MLB WAGs 2016 You NEED To See

Hot Pictures of MLB WAGs You NEED To See


Millions of kids dream of growing up to become a baseball star. The thought of earning obscene amounts of money for playing a game is enticing. The fast cars, expensive houses and the adoration of cheering fans are some of the perks that go with being a Major League baseball player. Another thing that seems to go with the baseball lifestyle is hot women. As far back as baseball history goes, professional ball players have enjoyed the company of some of the hottest women around. Even some of the worst players in history have had models, famous actresses, and centerfolds by their side.

While the life of an MLB WAG comes with many benefits and rewards, the road to big league success is often long and hard, which can strain even the strongest of relationships. Many up-and-coming ball players must lead a nomadic lifestyle as they climb the minor league ranks. It takes a special kind of woman to stand by their man through such adversity and often humble beginnings. It also takes a lot of faith and discipline to overcome the rampant infidelity that exists in all professional sports.

There are hundreds of players on Major League rosters which means that there are also hundreds of sexy MLB WAGs. These are the top 20 hot pictures of MLB WAGs you need to see.

Top 20 Hot Pictures of MLB WAGs You NEED To See


Zack Greinke’s first hit in the Major Leagues was a homerun. The Arizona Diamondback hurler also hit it out of the park when he married Emily Kuchar in 2009. The two met while they were both attending Apopka High School in Florida. Emily became a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader when she was 18 and posed for the 2004 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar. The voluptuous veteran of the beauty pageant circuit won the title of Miss Daytona Beach USA in 2009. Emily’s flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes are as pleasing to look at as her tight bikini body is. She’s not just a pretty face. She has created a stable home environment for Zack who has battled depression and social anxiety disorder.


Foxy French-Canadian Marikym Hervieux is a model, health coach, and the girlfriend of Toronto Blue Jays All-Star catcher Russell Martin. She has also done a bit of acting in both Canadian and American television. One of her biggest roles was acting as a calming force on Russell who was a fixture in the Los Angeles party scene during his days with the Dodgers. With a figure like Marikym’s, it isn’t hard to see why Russell doesn’t mind staying at home. Her acting career is gaining momentum but her fans hope that she decides to do some more modelling. She looks especially fine in black lingerie.


There are always certain risks involved in sending racy photos to somebody. Lindsay Clubine found out the hard way after some NSFW pictures of her were leaked and splashed all over the internet. The former Deal or No Deal ‘suitcase girl’ was in the habit of sending provocative pics to her husband, Boston Red Sox pitcher Clay Buchholz. Lindsay, along with several other celebrities, was a victim of the iCloud hacking scandal. While Clay pursues a second World Series Championship, Lindsay remains busy adding to her acting credits.