Overwatch Developers to Combat Premades Exploiting Late Night Rank-Ups

Overwatch Developers to Combat Premades Exploiting Late Night Rank-Ups

If you’re a late night gamer, you might have run into this band of ruffians that’s been tearing their way into top 500 the past few seasons. Called the “Brazilian Six Stack” by the community, they have been queuing up at absurdly late (or early) hours to catch the low traffic periods of the game.

Since their rank is so high, they are matched with whatever the matchmaking system can find at that hour, not players at their skill level. Predictably, they smash their opponents who can have as high as 2000 SR lower than them quite easily, as you can see in this example:

Given that there are a lot of unique rewards for hitting top 500 in a region, along with the ladder sometimes being used to scout players for pro teams, it’s understandable that users might take issue with the practice. Especially given that one of the players involved is a pro player and represented Brazil in the Overwatch World Cup: Yuri “Insanityz” Ribeiro.

Blizzard is finally set to address the issue after months of complaints from the community.

“We are working on this now. Scott is going to post a blog soon explaining some changes. Thanks for the concern,” Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan commented on the Battle.net forums.

Regardless, the issue needs to be addressed. Blizzard has been a little lenient to those who are purposely lowering their rank to farm skill rating, only giving them a longer queue time at present. An issue like this honestly should be different – especially as it’s ruining some people’s play experience. Some players are calling for the six to be banned, and given how high profile at least one of their members is, it’s possible that it could have ramifications for Insanityz’ esports career as well.

It’s far more likely, though, that changes will be made to the system that will just prevent something like this from happening at all. Making a six stack sit in a queue that never pops would be a fitting punishment, we think. We’ll keep you updated as soon as the aforementioned Overwatch blog post goes live.