15 Villains The CW’s Arrow Needs ASAP

15 Villains The CW’s Arrow Needs ASAP

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The Green Arrow is DC’s finest archer, and one of the most interesting members of the Justice League. Previously unknown to many, this Robin Hood imitator has since had his own TV show on the CW (running on its fifth season) that brings a lot of the character’s history together in a satisfying way. Each season introduces a new big bad villain for Oliver Queen to face, and he is constantly being challenged mentally and physically.


However, one point of criticism that show has faced is that many of the villains used are not Green Arrow villains. Considering that he’s fought Ra’s al Ghul, Damian Darhk, and Deathstroke, it’s a point well taken. That said, there are plenty of Green Arrow villains that have been present throughout the show, such as Count Vertigo, Brick, and the Dark Archer.


It needs to be noted that Green Arrow, relative to other DC heroes, doesn’t have that big of a rogues gallery, and he doesn’t have a lot of iconic names in his roster as Batman and the Flash do. Still, it might prove beneficial to the show if the writers begin bringing more Green Arrow villains into the fold and making them the central antagonists. As of right now, the villain he is facing is Prometheus. They’ve fought in the comics, but he is primarily a Batman bad guy.


Going forward, we’d like to see these 15 Green Arrow villains on the CW.


  1. Constantine Drakon

15 Villains The CW’s Arrow Needs ASAP

Don’t confuse his name with the current flashback villain Konstantin Kovar. Drakon is a much different individual who poses a much different threat to the Green Arrow. He has appeared in the show, but was neither memorable nor true to his actual character from the comics. He was born as a small child and was heavily made of for it. However, he decided to respond like most children do and begin killing at the age of ten. Realizing that he was a murderous prodigy, he chose to make a career out of his skills. He is one of the best fighters in the DC Universe, using a set of martial arts in order to take down his foes. This has factored into him becoming a great assassin, and foe of Green Arrow. One particular instance sent Drakon on a job in Star City, which brought him face to face with Oliver Queen. Arrow is no stranger to bringing in all kinds of assassins into the fold (there is an entire league after all), so Drakon would fit in very well. What would be even more interesting is if he was incorporated into the flashback scenes as someone hired by the Bratva or Kovar to bring down Oliver.


  1. Cyrus Broderick

DC Rebirth is all the rage these days, and it’s time for the writers of Arrow to start incorporating some characters from it. Cyrus Broderick is a big villain to Oliver Queen. He is the head of the financial department at Queen Industries, but is in with some dark plots in order to make Oliver Queen’s life a living Hell. He often makes all kinds of terrible deals with other crime lords that necessitate the appearance of the Green Arrow. Naturally, this frustrates him greatly, and he quickly begins conspiring not to kill the Arrow but to completely trash his image. Even when dealing with brutal matters, Broderick exhibits an excellent sense of business and control, which makes him one of Mr. Queen’s smarter villains. He eventually discovers who Oliver is and seeks to rob him of everything he has. Broderick would make an excellent big bad for a future season of the CW show, considering how they could even hide his identity with a mask and voice modulator early on (similar to what he does in the comics). One way the writers could introduce him is by making him a direct competitor to Mayor Queen’s campaign.


  1. Blood Rose

It’s always fascinating to see how Oliver Queen’s past manages to come back and haunt him time after time. In the comics, one woman from his past was named Blood Rose. They held a romantic relationship for some time, but that was many years ago. Eventually, Rose was turned into a robot and she sought out revenge on Queen. She did so by fighting the Green Arrow over and over again. She used a set of firearms and super strength in order to fight the Emerald Archer, but eventually he came out on top and she hit self-destruct. In the show, it’s always great when people from Ollie’s past return with some unresolved dynamic, and Blood Rose could offer a similar feel. Granted the fact that she became a robot is a bit ridiculous and likely something that would need to be changed, but considering Oliver is now riding the single train, it might be a perfect time to introduce her. Perhaps her biggest sign of potential is that she was altered by another villain that poses an even bigger threat to Oliver Queen. This is someone who could take the place of the big bad.


  1. Midas

Once a measly scientist who was working on something to change the way toxic waste was handled, Midas was distracted by a woman that allowed some terrorists to destroy the project by blowing it up. He was immediately set on fire, and he doused himself by jumping into the nearby toxic waste. This disfigured his appearance and he came out a monster decorated with burns and toxicity. He gave up on becoming human and has since accepted his fate. Along the way, he not only altered but fell in love with Blood Rose. However, because the Green Arrow injured her, he vowed revenge on the Emerald Archer. They engaged in many battles, and while Midas could’ve easily killer Oliver, he thought better of it due to his fear of the Justice League. During one of their battles, Blood Rose was destroyed, and Midas left in order to rebuild her piece by piece. The duo of Midas and Blood Rose would be a fascinating dynamic to watch, being an evil take on Beauty and the Beast. Unfortunately, the effects to create Midas would be quite expensive, and they’ll probably just resort to casting a human actor to portray the character.


  1. Onomatopoeia

It’s one thing to have a villain with ideals that put him in direct opposition to a superhero. But it’s another thing when a villain deliberately begins targeting heroes. The villain Onomatopoeia is as unique as he is disturbing. His name comes from the way he talks. He simply mimics various sounds that are made from guns, knives, and anything else. He then targets superheroes that don’t have any powers. This put Green Arrow and his cohorts directly in his crosshairs. He began by targeting people like Connor Hawke and shot him. While in the hospital, Onomatopoeia then killed the doctors that were trying to save his life. Nobody knows who he is or why he does what he does- only that he means business and needs to be stopped. A villain like this could work well in Arrow. Many times, the threat of a bad guy is undermined once they take off the mask, but having someone faceless like Onomatopoeia would eliminate that altogether. He is a faceless evil and would provide a great challenge for Oliver and his friends. The character was originally set to appear in an episode in season one, but was removed because there were some who felt that he wouldn’t translate to live action well.